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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Unity Texture2D Extension

Recently I had to work on Unity with Texture2D taken from a camera and for some reasons they came out flipped in strange ways. So, I had the need to rotate or flip the textures and I realized that Unity doesn’t have this function ready to use. This is Texture2DExtensions (source code). As the name […]

GGJ 2016 Post Mortem

I’m very pleased and honored to have taken part of this year Global Game Jam in Milan, one of the biggest jam site in the world. I’d like to thank all the participants for creating such an inspiring and creative environment and the organizers, as well, that made a really good job (especially Pier Luca […]

Custom Event System for Unity

The Unity built-in event system is good for simple stuff and basic message sending. But when it comes to sending complex data or deactivate listeners it doesn’t fit well for that. If you want a more customizable system you could use my event system: EventNotification I developed it (in C#) starting from the following class, […]