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Generative Art #2 – Fractals

In this Generative Art post I’d like to talk a little about fractals. But first a little disclaimer: this post is not intended to be exhaustive on the matter, this argument would need more readings and researches after reading this post, which is intended to be only an introduction on the matter. Ok, now let’s […]

Best Productivity Tools

When I’m creating something, whether it is code or something else, I like to focus on what I’m doing and find the right tools that allow me to do that fluently, it is not a easy task. I’m constantly searching the right tools that give me the sensation to forget about it and focus on […]

Generative Art #1 – Processing

In the past few months I started to discover some new frameworks that, in some ways, combine science and visual art. For me, in this category, there all the code frameworks that have the purpose to create some kind of visual art and even tools that use a mathematical formulas to create illustrations or even […]

GGJ 2018 Post Mortem

Game jams are events in which the participants have to create a game in a certain amount of time. In the Global Game Jam (GGJ) this span of time is 48 hours and few weeks ago (the last weekend of January) there was the annual GGJ.  Once again I decided to participate to it in […]

Creating Circular Mastery

Project concept In the past few months I worked a lot with shaders in Unity which mainly uses Nvidia CG as its shader language and converts it for specific platforms. I have some shader skills with HLSL and GLSL but I started anyway studying this language and making mostly 2D shaders. I like 3D shaders […]