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GGJ 2018 Post Mortem

Game jams are events in which the participants have to create a game in a certain amount of time. In the Global Game Jam (GGJ) this span of time is 48 hours and few weeks ago (the last weekend of January) there was the annual GGJ.  Once again I decided to participate to it in […]

Creating Circular Mastery

Project concept In the past few months I worked a lot with shaders in Unity which mainly uses Nvidia CG as its shader language and converts it for specific platforms. I have some shader skills with HLSL and GLSL but I started anyway studying this language and making mostly 2D shaders. I like 3D shaders […]

Unity Isometric Camera

I like real time cameras subject so much that I already made a post on real time cameras (here) specifically on third person cameras. This time I will show you how I set up a simple isometric camera for a game prototype I made in Unity. The isometric camera Basically an isometric camera has an […]

How to be a better game designer

  In this post I would like to give you some basic game design concepts to create better games and videogames. This are some of the notes and lesson I’ve learned watching talks and, more importantly, creating my own games. Coming from a programming background I tend to not give the proper importance to game […]