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GGJ 2017 Post Mortem

Once again I’m going to describe and share my experience at the Global Game Jam in Milan, that was the world’s fourth site in terms of participants in this edition, even if in Italy there was almost 10 sites around the country. I have to renew my thanks to the organization crew of the event […]

LD36 Post Mortem

  With a little delay, I will write a short post-mortem for my first Ludum Dare I’ve ever done. Preparing for the jam I live in Italy and August is a “ghost month” since everyone are in vacation… After some unfortunate team searching I decided to partecipate to the compo (which lasts 48 hours) also […]

Unity Third Person Camera

The third person camera The camera in a game is the eye that the player use to see inside the virtual world created for the game itself. There are tons of different types of camera, but the one we are going to analyze is the third person camera (TPC from now on) which allows to […]

Steady Drop – Log #6 – 2D Art

  This post on Steady Drop development is about the art process and choices I’ve made. Minimal style During the pre-production phase I wrote down all the possible styles I could develop for Steady Drop, and like I said in one of the first posts, I was thinking to give to my game a cartoonish-like […]