Michele Mantovan

LD36 Post Mortem


With a little delay, I will write a short post-mortem for my first Ludum Dare I’ve ever done.

Preparing for the jam

I live in Italy and August is a “ghost month” since everyone are in vacation… After some unfortunate team searching I decided to partecipate to the compo (which lasts 48 hours) also because the jam was 72 hour long and I had to work until Monday night which was not possible for me. The main rule of the compo is that all the work has to be done by one person, so I jumped in the compo by myself.

Since I was doing all the work, I started to set up my workstation at home and my software environment for coding with Unity, making 2D assets with Gimp, making sound effects with Sfxr and making music with LMMS. Ok ready, all set. Let’s start! The theme? Ancient technology.


What went right

It was my first time on doing all the work (programming, art, music & sfx) and I’m pretty happy on how I faced this challenge, but not completely on the final results. The workflow I used was very smooth and I scheduled all the task with meaning. I’ve the opportunity once again to test my skills and expose all the things I’m good at, and also the things I need to work on. After all the experience was very challenging in a good way and I’ve learned new concepts that I can reuse in my future projects.


What went wrong

First of all the time, but not the remaining time. I mean the time zone: in this jam everyone starts at the same time regardless of your time zone, and since I live in Europe I started my jam at 3am. So the lack of sleep influenced the rest of the jam for sure.

Secondly the theme was a hard one for me, so I struggled in the beginning for finding an idea, and I end up with using a poor game-logic idea. At some point during the event I thought to quit the jam and rest, I felt really stressed and I wasn’t sure if I was able to continue, but fortunately after a little nap I carried on.

I was recording my screen to do a time lapse (like I did for the last GGJ) but sadly after some hours of work since I thought to quit I stopped the recording and I hadn’t turned on again, so no time-lapse video this time.


Tips for the future:

  • Concentrate more on the theme.
  • Try to come up with a game logic that has the theme involved, not just mentioned.
  • Spend more time on choosing the graphic style.
  • Sleep more during the event.


Final Result

This time the results of all the efforts was Titus Discovery (ld36 entry). I think I won’t work on new features or bugs, we will see.