Michele Mantovan

Steady Drop – Log #10 – Visuals

Deadline changes

I had the milestone to complete the next development iteration of Steady Drop at the end of march 2017, but for the lack of time and for the efforts put in other projects (like the game I made for the Global Game Jam 2017) I’m forced to postpone this milestone and to go a little bit further with the deadlines. The project is still growing, it’s just I had little drawbacks, that’s it. I’m still adding improvements here and there, most graphical ones, and I have some “big” features I want to add before the next deadline. Like I said, I fixed most of the bugs I received from the alpha-testing phase and I’m still integrating some improvements based on the feedback I had. Goos news after all!

Visual improvements

I reviewed the color palette of the entire game, so I changed every color a little bit to make it more glued together (I used a palette generator) and to give more sense to the overall experience. But I completely changed the enemy colors: they was very similar to the avatar of the player but now, as you can see, they have their own color, and it’s more clear to the player that’s this shapes are not something related to the avatar he’s guiding down.

Another two visual improvement I’ve added are the trail behind the falling avatar and a particles generator on the bottom of the screen, they both give more sense of movement.And last but not least I’ve added a dynamic gradient un the background. So here you can see the differences between how it looked like and how it looks like now.


Next steps

One of the things I want to do next is to add some visual feedbacks when you lose health (or zero-gravity time) and to make some enemies a little bit more alive with some scale animations. I’m also planning to rewrite part of the UI system and replace the UI of the main menu, because I made the current placement just for the prototype, which has limited menu choices.
Next I will have to modify the tutorial (again) because I don’t like the current one, and to work on some game balance parameters like the score multiplier…a lot of magic numbers 🙂 After that, I will start to research how to integrate and produce sounds and music. It will be fun!

Just a reminder, if you want to play the alpha, just download and install this file. Steady-Drop-Alpha