Michele Mantovan

Steady Drop – Log #12 – Music & SFX

In this post I will briefly describe my process to create sounds effects and music for Steady Drop. Nothing about development or code this time, sorry 🙂

The recording setup

Problem 1: how do I record sounds?

I started recording some sounds with my smartphone with an external mic plugged in. To achieve the best result I could with my “great and professional” gear, I used a folded blanket placed over the bed like a little camping tent, to make small recording room with no reverb, no echoes and limiting outer noises. Problem solved!

Problem 2: what do I record?

I literally looked around in my apartment and grubbed some random objects I thought could potentially produce some noise, like old CDs, some packaging boxes and some kitchen tools. With these I will produce sounds manipulating or letting them falling on a surface while I have the recorder on. Problem solved!

Problem 3: how do I mix?

To clean and mix the recordings of the sounds I chose Audacity which is a very popular software used for audio recording and editing. In this case I will use it only for the editing part, removing the background noise and isolating the individual sounds.

The sounds

I started with some weird high pitched sounds and some low-deep “blocky” sounds. I don’t have a list of sounds I have to produce in the game but I want to create like a little sound library that I might reuse in the future. If I need a very specific sound for Steady Drop I can record it later. For this first phase, I want to adopt a broad focus on sounds to narrow it step by step and to choose and produce very specific ones. However I will try and add sounds only if the gameplay needs it without putting sound effects for everything.

The Music

Meanwhile I started creating some music track with SoundTrap which is a very interesting site that provide a DAW, but you don’t have to install anything on your PC, it’s all onlineThey have different paid plans but you can choose to use the free plan with the only restriction on the number of projects, number of instruments and number of loops. So for now I’ll stay with an unpaid plan. For Steady Drop I want short music tracks (at least three) possibly suited for looping. The genre I want, I call it “dreamy electronic”, which is electronic music with a lot of echoes and delays in the pads, slow paced, clean and minimal percussions. I will try my best to achieve something like that, without going crazy, I hope.

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