Michele Mantovan

Steady Drop – Log #14 – Publishing the game

First Release

Finally I’ve made it! I released the first version of Steady Drop on the Play Store in the first half of may 2018. In this post I would like to talk about the final rush before the release, how I managed to actually publish the game on different Android markets and what I have in mind for the next future for this game.

Final steps before releasing

As I said (HERE) I used the Google Play Console to manage both the final version and test version which it gave me the opportunity to test the game and the installation process, with real users. The tests went well, but I noticed that a lot of logics I was willing to put the game was a little bit complicated and, to be honest didn’t add so much on the gameplay or the player experience. I decided to cut the fat a lot and to remove the energy system and the complicated point logic (HERE), and use instead a much more simple point logic. The points increase if you go down as a distance from the start point, and the player can stop the gravity for how long he wants by keeping pressed on the screen.
The last things left to do were to fine tune the level slots (HERE) and to replace all the UI buttons with rounded ones, because a rounded button is more inviting to be pressed than a squared one.

Publishing the game

For the publishing phase I had to create the content for the market page like icons, banners, screenshots and descriptions. For the textual descriptions I chose to create them in Italian and English. I will consider other languages if the game will be downloaded in other countries. I chose to publish the game on different markets just to have more visibility. I don’t know if this strategy for a small game like mine is ideal, but since this is my first time on publishing a mobile game, I’m consciously taking room for experiments. In addition to the play store I published the game on the Amazon AppStore and the Aptoide market, using the same assets for all the markets. What I learned in this step is that managing all the little things to publish or marketing a product is very time consuming. There are a lot of (paid) services that can do this kind of tasks for you, but I wanted to do that on my own just to understand what it means to do it.

Next steps

I don’t know for how long I will continue the development for this game, but I have in mind some final goals I want to accomplish in terms of features. Some of the features I want to add in the future are the integration with Google Play services to handle achievements and leaderboards and some different game modes, like an hardcore mode with high speed and new enemy obstacles. Stay tuned for future posts, and check out Steady Drop on the Play Store. 🙂

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