Michele Mantovan

Steady Drop – Log #2 – Graphics Style


In the last post (here) I forgot to mention that the inputs of the game are both the gyroscope and the touch screen: by holding the finger on the screen you can stop the gravity force.
I have to make a short document with a more detailed description of the game. I will post it soon.

In the last few weeks I converted all the logic of the game to be strictly 2D. Before I had some legacy of a 3D prototype that I made for the initial tests. I had to convert Rigidbodies, Colliders and stuff to the 2D version of the components. No big deal.

Beside that, I created a state machine that goes through the game states (like pause, loose, play, etc…) with a menu system that can load a menu based on the state of the game. I have to refine the transitions a bit and it’s perfect 🙂

Component pallette

I’m also working on creating my pallette of components that will compose the levels on two different layers: design aspects on one hand and graphics style on the other.

Desing & technical
Currently I have:

    • the player: the object that is falling down (triangle).
    • a wall: an obstacle that cause immediate death to the player if the player touch it (square).
  • a gravity magnet: it can pull towards or push away the character while is falling (circle).

Every object can move around or not, for example we can have movable walls. I’m planning to have a discontinuous laser and a pendulum object.

Graphics style
Here some examples of the concepts so far

steady drop actors

Once I have a concept and behaviour that I like for every component I will start to create some levels for testing the overall result. [SPOILER] The next post will be on level design 😛