Michele Mantovan

Steady Drop – Log #7 – Project Structure


In this post I will talk about how I put everything together and a little bit of code management.

Code versioning

Let’s begin with some things to remember: use a versioning system…and again, use a versioning system. I can’t stress this enough. Really, for every project you’re working on, use a versioning system like Git, SVN or Mercurial. It really helps keeping the project managed and it’s necessary for collaboration with other people. If you don’t know what is a repository you can start here.

My habit is to use repositories especially for work and since I saw more benefit using it I decided to use them on my side projects. For Steady Drop I used Git on BitBucket with only one branch (for now) it really helped me also giving more value of what I developed and I will develop.


Project structure

In the beginning the files are not well organized and the project was a little mess. At the time the code was really messed up and disorganized, since I started from a prototype. After some refactoring sessions, the code was more readable and clear but I still had one problem: the organization of the files (both scripts and assets).

I started to re-organize the project (with some Unity guidelines) doing a lot of folders to separate logically the assets and the scripts, but I wanted more for the scripts. So, I started to separate the scripts and to do a lot of folders. I was not sure if this approach could work out but then I started to separate the “core” scripts and the game specific scripts, finally giving a more meaningful project structure.


Reuse core modules

All that core scripts are inside a specific package so in the future I can take this package and use it in another project. But what is the best way to do it without going crazy on maintaining a “fork-like” package? Recently at work I started to use the git submodules which basically are repository that can be inserted in an existing repository (like an inception of repositories 😀 ), and I thought that I can create a module with all the core stuff and reuse it in different projects. This change will be the next “project-side” improvement and since I have already experience with multiple submodules in one project so, it will be a piece of cake to set things up for only one module.


Alpha is coming

The alpha of the game is going to be released in the next couple of months. The best way for me to release it is to give it to a restricted set of people, (like friends and relatives) and gather feedbacks from them. Then I will iterate once again to make things better and put some others features in the game to create (some day) a beta version.