Michele Mantovan

Steady Drop – Log #8 – Tutorial

The value of the tutorial

It’s been awhile since the last devlog and from there I’ve been struggling so much in the project to create a proper tutorial.

At some point in the development (probably too late) I started thinking a way to explain to the player the main mechanics and  what are the goals of the game. There are a lot of ways of doing that (I’ve done my homework) and I thought that a short tutorial, at the first try, before starting the game, could be a good way to proceed.

I wanted a tutorial to explain the input basics and the main mechanics to the player, so in this section all the points and the game logics (talked here) and the spawn logic (talked here) have to work in a different way.


I started to work on this with a specific approach where the entire tutorial is a level slot (here I talk what I mean for slot) but this wasn’t really suitable for what I had in mind, so after almost forcing myself to try and develop a tutorial system that works in that way, I realize that it ain’t gonna work, so I deleted everything and started the tutorial system from scratch. After some time and some struggling, I finally have a tutorial system that “kinda” works. It’s still pretty rough but It does its job so I can refine it after the launch of the game alpha.


The biggest advice I want to leave is to consider designing the game and the code with a tutorial in mind, if you want one. The fact I didn’t think at all to the tutorial at the beginning of the development made me waste a lot of time to refactoring my code and redesign the levels. So, keep the rules simple and keep a simple way to explain it to the player right from the beginning of the development.


I think the alpha version of the game will be available in early january 2017. Stay tuned 🙂