Michele Mantovan

Steady Drop – Log #9 – Alpha Ready

Alpha released


I released the alpha of Steady Drop! It was a silent release (sadly I’m not a marketing guy :-P), which I’ve done only for people I know and for members of some Facebook groups I’m in, but It was the right time for a first slot of tests.

Right after releasing the alpha version, I started to receive a lots of useful feedbacks by the “alpha testers”. I gave them the possibility to leave a feedback in a traceable way (with a Google Form) or in a more direct and fast way. One of the last changes I’ve done right before the release was to add a button to leave a feedback on a form I made just for them. With this form I tried to gather all the informations I needed in order to progress the development in the right direction and make Steady Drop more playable and easy to use.

After all, seeing my game from another person’s perspective is the best way to find out some flaws which are invisible to me and just view the experience from another angle I didn’t considered before. Seeing what another person sees while playing your game is invaluable, and the more you have the possibility to let this happens, the more your game can improve. The only (little) drawback is that it’s required to filter in some way and extract the right signal from a feedback.

Thanks to all of the feedbacks, I listed a number of fixes, improvements and just some things I wanted to try, that I added to the task list I want to develop for the next step, which is a release of a beta version. I will also try to remove the sense of prototype while playing the game…it will be a hard one.

Right now I’m not putting so much effort on new features or bugfix, because I have other little projects I want to finish and publish. Right after finishing these little projects I will spend more time on this project and I will bring the development forward. If you want to try the alpha version of Steady Drop contact me 🙂